A Girl at the End of Alley!


Fatemeh lost her father to drug overdose a few years ago. That’s when mother who hardly can read and write became the sole provider of the family.

They moved from their village to city of Marvdasht to live with grandfather; but his plate is already full and his hands tied. Two other of his daughters live with him. One had divorced from his abuse husband, and the other one is widow with three children which one of them has a sever kind of blood disease. Lack of income, small place and fight among kids and daily psychodrama caused that Fatemeh and her small family to be kicked out.


It is about a month now that Fatemeh with her sister and mother live at the end of one dead-end alley. Both Fatemeh and her sister are very good students. The family receives small monthly donation from another charity and some subsidies but it barely cover their daily expenses. Mother’s left hand is weak, make it hard for her to find job, but every now and then she does cleaning house. Overall, it is impossible for them to come up with $2400 deposit for a small apartment.

Girls at the end of alley 2

Child Foundation has created a fund to help this family. Please help in any amount to participate in taking them out of this dead-end situation to a small place to live.

Thank you


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