One Thousand Food Baskets for One Thousand Families

1000 foodWith the high price of food, hunger is still a struggle for many families.

For the past several years together, we affectionately helped many families through our “One Thousand Food Baskets for One Thousand Families” initiative. Last year, we could help more than one thousand families in many countries.

The program is usually initiated just before the month of Ramadan, which is the traditional month of fasting. Also, is a genuine act of selflessness and display of charity to others. The program’s success and popularity mainly comes from this simple but powerful message of providing a month’s worth of dietary allowance for 1,000 families around the world. All at a time when food is most often scarce and prices are too high.

As you know, Child Foundation is NOT a religious organization, nor does it ever get involved with projects like this based on religious or ideological grounds. What we are doing is providing the most basic of necessities (in this case, food) to families with children during a time of year when the need is probably highest and the pressure is simply too much to bear alone.

This year, we estimate the cost of these families’ food packages at $50 for small and $90 for larger families.

We urge all our kind and wonderful donors to be especially generous at this time of the year, and to help by participating in this very worthy project to help fulfill a very real need for these families around the world today.

Wishing you and your family the best of health and fortune, and we hope once again we can help more than a thousand families.


Thank You Volenteers

2 dental

Our dental student volunteers who traveled to the Dominican Republic are back. They were able to finish their dental mission with success, helping hundreds of people in critical need of dental assistance. Although they were in the Dominican Republic, which is famous for its exotic beaches and natural scenery, they were spending most of their time in rural areas that had very limited access to medical treatments, and in some cases, clean water. They had to take anti-malaria medication, and spray themselves with DEET in order to avoid mosquito bites which may carry the Zika virus, dengue, Chikungunya virus, etc.

Many thanks to all of them who not only took such risks to help people in need, but also spent their Nowruz and spring break away from their families to help others. If you’d like to donate to our dental mission account, please use this link.

Tree of Wishes

Child Foundation‘s office in Afghanistan had a very successful fundraising program called Tree of Wishes. Each child wrote his or her wish and tied it to a branch of our tree. Later, in a special program, some kind and generous members of the Mazar-e-Sharif community came and each picked a wish to entertain. Overall, two hundred wishes were granted.

tree of wish.png

To sponsor, a child from Afghanistan, please visit our waiting list.

Nowruz Gifts…Children are Waiting!

0 Nowruz

Nowruz and spring is celebrated throughout the world on March 21st . On behalf of our colleagues and the children we support, Child Foundation wishes everyone a healthy and prosperous Persian New Year. You helped us support more than 8,000 children and launch many humanitarian programs. We are am certain that next year, with your assistance and generosity, we will be able to increase our philanthropic activities even more.

Not only does Nowruz represent the new spring season, but it is also a time when people’s hearts are open to giving to others. A Nowruz donation makes every heart glad, from the donor to the recipient. I sincerely believe that the world is one step closer to being a better place just because of each Nowruz donation.

Our offices in Afghanistan and Iran have already started distributing eidi (new year gifts for children). In Fonooj, we started a new program of changing student’s old and worn-down slippers with new shoes. Our Shahr-e-Kord office distributed New Year pastry and food coupons to families who couldn’t afford; in Tehran, food packages were distributed, and all the children received some cash for eidi. Our most valuable gift was from a generous donor in Tehran who donated 1,000 tablets to our office. Just imagine how happy the kids who receive them will be!

Child Foundation is still accepting donations for Nowruz to help children who are not able to celebrate this special holiday. We hope you will join us in donating to the Nowruz fund generously.

Bahar, New Member of Our Family

BaharA few weeks ago, a young girl (about 3 years old) was left behind at Child Foundation’s office in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. She was left in the cold wearing dirty ragged clothes and was in a bad shape. One of our volunteers took her home and after a nice bath and some clean clothes, her beautiful face started to shine. Because of the coming spring, we named her “Bahar” (spring).

Meanwhile, our colleagues started looking for her parents and contacted the police and local authorities. We haven’t been able to locate anyone who knows Bahar, and local officials are not interested in taking custody of her. They have too many similar cases on their hands. For now, one of our volunteers was kind enough to take care of her temporarily until we find out more about her situation.

We took Bahar for a medical checkup and found that she has trouble walking and suffers from low iron, which is a result of her being malnourished. The doctors said she needs special shoes and a special diet.

Since last week, she is feeling much better, smiles more often, and is communicating better. While we continue to look for her real parents, we are taking her to an orthopedist to get her fitted for special shoes.

If you are interested in donating to Bahar’s medical fund, please donate here. As soon as her file is ready, she will be added to our sponsorship program.