On the Occasion of World Refugee Day!

refugees 2

Today is World Refugee Day. On this day, refugee advocates urge people to focus on the plight of those who have been displaced by famine, war, and oppression.

There are currently over 65 million refugees in today’s world–the highest number in recorded history. They have been forced to flee their home due to life-threatening conditions ranging from drought and famine to religious persecution or war.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to support the Child Foundation’s lifesaving work in helping refugees today. We are providing support to families Syrian refugees in Greece, Afghan refugees who had escaped Taliban’s cruelty and brutality to Fariab, Haitians who lost their homes in Matthew Hurricane and Nepalese who fled their homes when the earthquake happened.

Your gift will make a difference in their life.


Donor X Renovates Ali’s House


Ali lost his father to a heart attack a few years ago. His mother has also suffers from rheumatism arthritis and cannot work. They all live in their grandmother’s house which is in very bad condition.

When Ali’s sponsor found out about the condition of their home, he offered to renovate his house. The Kitchen, bathroom, family room and the yard was renovated in a very short time. Ali and his mother still cannot believe they are living in the same house.

Ali’s sponsor is a generous person who wants to remain anonymous. He is supporting 24 children through Child Foundation and provides them with monthly stipend as well as other gifts.

On behalf of Ali’s family and the staff of Child Foundation, we thank you for your incredible kindness and generosity. You are a true angel.


A Girl at the End of Alley!


Fatemeh lost her father to drug overdose a few years ago. That’s when mother who hardly can read and write became the sole provider of the family.

They moved from their village to city of Marvdasht to live with grandfather; but his plate is already full and his hands tied. Two other of his daughters live with him. One had divorced from his abuse husband, and the other one is widow with three children which one of them has a sever kind of blood disease. Lack of income, small place and fight among kids and daily psychodrama caused that Fatemeh and her small family to be kicked out.


It is about a month now that Fatemeh with her sister and mother live at the end of one dead-end alley. Both Fatemeh and her sister are very good students. The family receives small monthly donation from another charity and some subsidies but it barely cover their daily expenses. Mother’s left hand is weak, make it hard for her to find job, but every now and then she does cleaning house. Overall, it is impossible for them to come up with $2400 deposit for a small apartment.

Girls at the end of alley 2

Child Foundation has created a fund to help this family. Please help in any amount to participate in taking them out of this dead-end situation to a small place to live.

Thank you

چه کسی دست بهرام را میگیرد؟


بهرام  عزیز ما  در  شهر «مرودشت » با معدل بسیار خوب  درس میخواند اما مشکلاتش زیاد است و نیاز به یاری همدلان دارد

سیزده سال پیش پدر بهرام به دلیل اختلافات قومی در درگیری به قتل رسیده است و پس از دوسال خانواده در ازای دریافت دیه رضایت داده اند و با کل مبلغ دیه منزلی قدیمی به مبلغ بیست و دومیلیون تومان خریداری کرده اند و در حال حاضر مادر و فرزندان در آن زندگی می کنند. پس از فوت پدر عموی بهرام قیم فرزندان شد اما به دلیل کهولت سن و بیماری حضانت را به مادر داده است. خانواده دارای سه فرزند می باشد. پسر بزرگتر خانواده دانشجوی ترم اول دانشگاه دولتی در رشته مهندسی برق است که هزینه ترم اول را با کارگری در تابستان تامین کرده و کمک موسسه ی خیریه تأمین نموده است. خواهر بهرام نیز در مقطع دوم دبیرستان در رشته تجربی تحصیل می کند. منبع درآمدخانواده یارانه ها و مستمری یک موسسه خیریه می باشد. بیمه آنها نیز بیمه سلامت می باشد

لازم به ذکر است مادر بهرام در منزل قالی بافی میکند ولی با توجه به کمر درد شدید درآمد ثابت و مستمری ندارد.امید است که با حمایت از بهرام عزیز اندکی از مشکلات خانواده کاسته شود

هموطن عزیز

آیا شما را دست یاری هست؟  او نیاز به یاری ما دارد  … شما میتوانید با مبلغی که کمتر از بهای یک فنجان قهوه در روز میتوانید زندگی بهرام را عوض کنید

Who can Help Bahram?



Bahram is a fifteen-year-old boy in eighth grade of school. He is from Marvdasht province of Fars. Bahram’s father was murdered in an ethnic conflict last year. After receiving the blood money, Bahram’s family has purchased an old house where they live now.

After father’s death, Bahram’s uncle got the custody of the kids but the custody has transferred to mom now because of uncle’s age and sickness. Bahram has a sister and a brother. His brother is studying electrical engineering in a state university. He has paid the tuition by working hard in summer. His sister is in second grade of high school.

The family’s income resource is the subsidy and donation they received from a charity organization. Bahram’s mother does carpet weaving at home but there is no fixed income because of her severe backache.

We hope by supporting Bahram, his family will have less problems.

With less than price of a cup of coffee per day, you can support Bahram to have a better life through education.

Please support Barharn through Child Foundation. His file number is 4811 Banafsheh . As soon as we receive your application his complete file will be sent to you !

Thank you!


Who Can Help Alireza?


Alireza is a ten-year-old student in the 4th grade with a very good GPA. he lives with his parent in city of Shar-e-Kord. His father was a night watchman, but unfortunately, he fell from a construction site and broke his pelvis, shoulders, and legs. His father also has a mental disability, and in his condition, he cannot work.

They receive some money as a pension from SSO. His mother is responsible for all expenses and makes some money by baking bread and housekeeping for neighbors. Their house has one room with very limited amenities. Their income is not enough to cover their expenses.

Alireza needs your help and support in his current condition.

نازنینِ نازنین را دریابیم

نازنين يكي از مددجويان نازنين بنياد كودك است كه هزينه ماهيانه او توسط هميار مهربانى از ايالت واشنگتن در آمريكا تامين ميگردد. اودشظشدهد يازده سال سن دارد و در مرودشت در استان فارس زندگى ميكند ولى هزينه هاى پزشكى او بمراتب از كمكهاى ماهيانه اى كه دريافت ميدارد، بيشتر است

داستان زندگى نازنين هميشه پر از سختى بوده است. پدرش با يك وانت قديمى به باركشى اشتغال داشت تا اينكه يكى از طلبكارانشً وانت و محتويات امكاناتى آن را بعنوان بخشى از طلب خود ضبط ميكند. از سوى ديگر صاحب مال، از پدر بجرم خيانت در أمانت و سرقتِ بار شكايت ميكند و اكنون پدر به زندان افتاده و بايد حداقل دو سال و نيم ديگر در زندان بماند

مشكل اصلى نازنين قلب نحيف اوست كه ضرباتش نامنظم است و مدتى است در قلب او يك پيس ميكر كار گذاشته اند كه هر شش ماه بايد يك چك آپ كامل شده و آزمايشات ويژه قلب بر روى او انجام گيرد. اين نارسائى قلبى باعث شده كه رشد نازنين كند شود و لذا پزشكان براى او سوزنى تجويز نموده اند كه مادر براى هر ٢٠ عدد ان مبلغى معادل ٤٦٠ دلار بايد بپردازد

عليرغم انكه پدر در زندان است و مادر بواسطه بيسوادى قادر به انجام كارى نيست.،قلب نازنين نيز با او همكارى نميكند و رشدش هم نامنظم است، ولى نازنين شاگرد اول كلاسش است و همه نمراتش “بسياد خوب” است. مديرعامل بنياد كودك در آمريكا، در سفر اخيرخود به ايران با نازنين و ديگر مددجويان مرودشت ملاقاتى داشت و به او قول داد تا با كمك همياران عزيزمان بتوانيم حداقل ٥٧٠٠ دلار براى ادامه مخارج پزشكى او فراهم كنيم

از اينرو از شما درخواست ميكنيم، براى كمك به تامين مخارج پزشكى نازنين، هر چقدر كه مايليد به حساب كمكهاى پزشكى بنياد كودك در لينك زير ارسال داريد و در بازگرداندن سلامتی او سهیم گردید